FAIR next generation scientists - 6th Edition Workshop

Grand Hotel Arenzano, Genova, Italy

Grand Hotel Arenzano, Genova, Italy

Lungomare Stati Uniti, 2 16011 Arenzano (Genova, Italy)

FAIRness 2019 is the sixth edition in series of workshops designed to bring together excellent international young scientists with research interests focused on physics at FAIR.

The topics of the workshop cover a wide range of aspects in both theoretical developments and current experimental status, concentrated around the four scientific pillars of FAIR. There will be an inspiring mixture of new theoretical developments and experimental research:

  • Atomic and plasma physics, biophysics, material sciences and applications
  • Nuclear structure, astrophysics and reactions
  • Physics of hot and dense nuclear matter, QCD phase transitions and critical point
  • Hadron Spectroscopy, Hadron Structure, Hadrons in matter and Hypernuclei
  • Experimental programs APPA, CBM, HADES, NUSTAR, PANDA, as well as BES, NICA and the RHIC beam energy scan 

Registration and Abstract Submission Deadline: 20 January 2019

Organizers: Andreas Bauswein, Marco Destefanis, Tetyana Galatyuk (chair), Claudia Ratti and Laura Tolos