Accelerator Performance and Concept Workshop

Flemings Hotel, Frankfurt am Main

Flemings Hotel, Frankfurt am Main

Eschenheimer Tor 2 - 60318 Frankfurt am Main
Frank Zimmermann (CERN) , Giuliano Franchetti (GSI, Darmstadt)
ARIES is an EU co-funded HORIZON2020 project, comprising 41 beneficiaries from 18 countries, which brings together accelerator laboratories, technology institutes, universities and industrial partners, to jointly address common challenges of present and future accelerator infrastructures for high-energy and nuclear physics, as well as for photon and neutron science. ARIES Work Package 6 on "Accelerator Performance and Concepts" (APEC) is a networking activity which should help reaching the ultimate performance in future accelerators that are now in an advanced planning or construction phase, by investigating the primary beam performance limitations and possible mitigation measures, including, e.g., beam stabilization techniques, novel collimation schemes and reliability enhancement methods. It will contribute to the design of the future generation of accelerators by exploring alternative technologies and concepts. From 10-12 December APEC organizes a first landmark workshop in the city of Frankfurt am Main, not far from GSI/FAIR . The topics addressed cover the mandate of several work-package tasks, in particular: 1. Beam Quality Control in Hadron Storage Rings and Synchrotrons, 2. Reliability and Availability of Particle Accelerators, 3. Improved Beam Stabilization To the participation to the workshop a fee of 200 euros is required. The fee will cover 3 workshop lunches in the Hotel Flemings, coffe breaks, Welcome Reception, and a visit to GSI/FAIR site. The payment procedure is explained in the registration page ********************************************************** We have extended the possibility of registration -> November 9, 2018 **********************************************************
  • Alessandro Drago
  • Alwin Schempp
  • Andrea Apollonio
  • Annika Nordt
  • Arto Niemi
  • Axel Brachmann
  • Chao Li
  • Charles Peters
  • Christian Schömers
  • Dirk Vandeplassche
  • Dmitry Teytelman
  • Fips Schneider
  • Frank Zimmermann
  • Giovanni Rumolo
  • Giuliano Franchetti
  • GuoDong Shen
  • Heiko Niebuhr
  • Heinrich Humer
  • Holger Podlech
  • Ivan Karpov
  • Jani Komppula
  • Jiancheng Yang
  • Jie Liu
  • John Fox
  • Julian Brower
  • Jussi-Pekka Penttinen
  • Karin Rathsman
  • Kathrin Thoma
  • Klaus Höppner
  • Larissa Birli
  • Laurent BRUNETTI
  • Malte Schwarz
  • Martin Droba
  • Mathieu Debongnie
  • maurizio vretenar
  • Mei Bai
  • Nicholas Evans
  • Oliver Boine-Frankenheim
  • Oliver Meusel
  • Paola Lindenberg
  • Petr Böhm
  • Ralph J. Steinhagen
  • Robert Ainsworth
  • Roberto Cimino
  • rossano giachino
  • Sajjad Hussain Mirza
  • Salvatore Di Carlo
  • Sergey Litvinov
  • Stephan Reimann
  • Suzie Sheehy
  • Thomas Herzig
  • Thorsten Conrad
  • Tonio Pinna
  • Vincent Schoefer
  • Virginia Britten
  • Willem Blokland
  • Xiao Li
  • Yuan He
  • Yuliang Zhang
  • Yusi Qiao