15-19 September 2024
Europe/Berlin timezone


In recognition of outstanding contributions to the development of ECR Ion Sources and to encourage promising young scientists, PANTECHNIK - the world leader in commercial ECR ion sources - awards the "Richard Geller PRIZE" on the occasion of the workshop.

This prize will be awarded for the seventh time and it was established by Pantechnik 16 years ago, during the 18th ECRIS Workshop in Chicago (USA, 2008). An ad-hoc Geller Prize Award Committee has been established to choose the winner of the "Richard Geller PRIZE". 

The members of the Award Committee are:
  • Benoit Geller (ILEMs ,France)
  • Sudhirsinh Vala (IPR, India)
  • Olli Tarvainen (STFC, UK)
  • Donald May (TAMU, USA)
  • Guillaume Machicoane (FRIB/MSU, USA)
  • Serge Della Negra (IJClab, France)
  • Liangting Sun (IMP, China)

Nominations of candidates (who will be under 41 years of age on December 31, 2024), including a one-page description of the nominee's research work and up to three additional references to the research work, should be submitted to the committee chair, Fabio Maimone, (f.maimone@gsi.de) by  the 5th of July, 2024