Workshop for young scientists with research interests focused on physics at FAIR

Venue and travel
The meeting will be held in Creta Maris Beach Resort situated on the island of Crete, in the beautiful surroundings of Hersonissos.
The closest airport is Heraklion Airport, approximatively 20 km west of Hersonissos. Weekly direct flights operate between major airports (Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Munich, Vienna, etc) and Heraklion airport. Reasonably priced direct flights can be found with the travel agency Condor, for example. Alternatively one can fly via Athens, and then use a local flight to Heraklion.
From Heraklion airport you can reach the hotel Creta Maris Beach Resort by taxi or car-rental – driving directions can be found here. If travel by taxi is preferred, participants who arrive/depart at/to Heraklion airport at roughly the same time can form groups and conveniently share the taxi prices - information concerning the grouping of participants will be communicated and exchanged per email at a later point.
We recommend to make travel arrangements to Heraklion airport such that you arrive at the hotel Creta Maris Beach Resort in Hersonissos on Sunday evening, 2nd of September. Departure from hotel to Heraklion airport is planned for Sunday, 9th of September.
We have reserved a number of full-board double-rooms and single-rooms in Creta Maris Beach Resort. Please indicate on the registration form whether you would like to be accommodated in a single-room or in a double-room. For detailed information about the hotel and surroundings please refer to the hotel webpage.
We expect all the participants to stay at Creta Maris Beach Resort and enjoy the scientific atmosphere and the diverse and active discussions, as well as the nice ambient and culinary treats proposed by our hosts.
Internet access is available in all public areas of the hotel and free of charge.
Conference fee
Only upon receiving invitation and confirmation of participation per email (i.e. after the online registration is closed, and not before!) the accepted participants must pay the conference fee. The conference fee must be paid until 20th July 2012.
The conference fee is 350 Euro/participant for accommodation in a shared double-room, and 707 Euro/participant for accommodation in a single-room. The conference fee also covers all meals and coffee-breaks for one week, as well as proceedings costs.
The conference fee should be paid by bank transfer (details per email after 3rd of June 2012).