An initiative to bring together the brightest minds in the fields - from both, academia and industry. This workshop is a platform to present and discuss current developments and standing issues in the field of beam monitoring, to find synergies and common grounds.
21 invited talks from companies and academia, 20 poster exhibits, and 8 company stands offer the opportunity for you to present your company and/or research. Below the different contribution types are described in more detail. Some of the featured companies are (not limited to), PTW, Pyramid, DDL, NTG, Siemens, HIT, and IBA.
The workshop will be held at GSI in the KBW/EMMI building from November 10-11, 2011. Participation in the event is free of charge. To register for the event, please use the registration form on this website. Help us spread the word, find attached the printable workshop flyer in the "Material" section at the bottom of this page. Welcome!

Talks (All talk-slots filled / the programme is finialized!)
In total 21 invited talks will be featured at the workshop, approximately half of them by companies and the other half from academia. Each individual talk has a nominal length 30 minutes in total and is split into three distinct different parts:
1) 15 minutes to present the topic of choice and to give a general overview as well as some more detailed information on the research / product / method.
2) After the more general presentation, 5 minutes are dedicated to an outreach: present standing issues, unsolved problems, current challenges as well as goals. This part may be (much) more technical and in-depth than the overview.
3) Thereafter up to 10 minutes may be spent on questions and discussion.

Posters (No more poster slots available.)
There will be space for 20 poster presentations at the venue (poster boards are provided at the venue). The posters ought to be printed in standing (portrait orientation) Din A1 format. They can be set up at the venue starting with the registration on the 10th of November. An abstract as well as keywords need to be submitted to heptech@gsi.de as soon as possible. You will be informed if your contribution is accepted within 3 days.

Company Stands (All company stands have been assigned.)
We can provide space for eight small company stands at the venue, tables, chairs and electricity are available. If interested, please submit a short summary of what you would like to exhibit to heptech@gsi.de as soon as possible. There is no separate fee for having a company stand at the venue! First come first serve.
Status & Speaker Update
We merged with a workshop on Laser-Based Particle Accelerators. The following is a finialized list of speakers and sessions.

November 10th, 2011
Particle Therapy: J. Gordon (Pyramid), A. Peters (HIT), M. Bräuer (Siemens), D. Bertrand (IBA)
Laser-Based Particle Accelerators, Pixel Detectors, Transmission Chambers: S. Kraft (HZDR), J. Pawelke (OncoRay), S. Reinhardt (LMU), M. Caccia (INFN), J. Würfel (PTW)
Beam Monitoring & TT:  J.-J. Gras (CERN), P. Heydebreck (Inno AG)

November 11th, 2011
Accelerator Facilities:  M. Schwickert (GSI), I. Mahns (DESY), P. Strehl (NTG)
Diamond Detectors: E. Berdermann (GSI), J. Pietraszko (GSI), Bernd Dehning (CERN)
Neutrons & Neutrinos: P. Renschler (KIT), M. Klein (CDT GmbH), E. Gazis (Athens/CERN)