In 2010 the most important conference in Nuclear Astrophysics (Nuclei in the Cosmos, NIC-XI) will take place in Heidelberg, Germany. It is hosted and organized by research groups from the Universities and Research Centers in the Rhine/Main/Neckar region, the upper Rhine valley and the Munich Excellence Center Universe (i.e. including the Universities of Mainz, Giessen, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Heidelberg, Basel and Munich plus the Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies FIAS, GSI Darmstadt, and the Max Planck Institutes for Chemistry, Nuclear Physics and Astrophsics in Mainz, Heidelberg and Garching). This satellite workshop focuses on topics with direct relations to the main activities of the ExtreMe Matter Institute EMMI. Presently the origin of r-process nuclei is not understood. The abundance evolution is linked to the understanding of exotic nuclei, the site (determining the environmental conditions, like density, temperature, entropy, neutrino luminosities and the resulting global neutron/proton ratio) is related to the properties of neutron stars. Thus, the two major uncertainties for understanding the r-process are addressed by research activities at GSI/FAIR and are of interest for EMMI. The workshop intends to bring together experimentalists and theoreticians working on topics in nuclear structure, compressed baryonic matter, neutrino physics and astrophysics as well as observational astronomy in a truly interdisciplinary way. Summary of workshop topics: - r-process scenarios - exotic nuclei: their properties and reactions - neutron stars: formation, equation of state, evolution - neutron star mergers - observations of r-abundances in low metallicity stars. (See also the scientific programme)
Planckstr. 1 64291 Darmstadt
  • Friedrich-K. Thielemann
  • Gabriel Martinez-Pinedo
  • Michael Heil
  • Rene Reifarth
  • Thomas Aumann