ILIMA open meeting

SB3 2.283 (seminar room atomic physics)

SB3 2.283

seminar room atomic physics

Phil Walker (University of Surrey, UK)
    • 13:30 17:15

      1330: Welcome and Overview - Phil Walker (University of Surrey)
      1345: ILIMA Project Status - Helmut Weick (GSI)
      1415: Schottky Pickups - Fritz Nolden (GSI)
      1435: Time-of-flight Detectors - Wolfgang Plass (University of Giessen)
      1455: refreshments
      1515: “Astrophysics r-process calculations and Th/U chronometer”
      Jie Meng (Peking University)

      1600: ESR experiments
      Helmut Weick (GSI)

      1630: “Investigation into Hf and Ta long-lived isomers”
      Matt Reed (University of Surrey)

      1645: “Direct measurement of the 4.6 MeV isomer in stored bare 133Sb ions”
      Baohua Sun (GSI)

      1700: “Recent results on the two-body beta-decay studies at GSI”
      Nicolas Winckler (GSI)

      1715: close