2-4 December 2013
Europe/Berlin timezone

Workshop Photos (moments)

Moments of the "Beam Dynamics meets Magnets" Workshop.
Photos by Paul Georgen.

This is Frank getting prepared for the speech at the dinner "Beam Dynamics eats with Magnets".

  Frank Speech part I.

  Frank Speech part II (far away Joschka Wagner and Cherrill Spencer discussing on the beewax of ATF2).

"Surely You're Joking Mr. Hofmann".

"Ehi Wolfram, did you see the Magnets ?",  "Mmm...".

A critical moment of the dinner: Isabel reports of some fluctuation in the "field".
We are concerned, but on the back Martin goes on with his is argument with Egbert.

On the right Stephan working on his new book inspired by the dinner discussions.

The main stairs of the Darmstadtium (official photo).

Participants of the workshop on the same stairs. This photo capture a moment of intense solenoidal magnetic activity. The photo had to be repeated!

After few attempts Paul is able to catch the right moment in which the magnetic perturbation were small so the beam optics worked well....(in this photo some people are missing).