18-22 September 2023
GSI Darmstadt, Germany
Europe/Berlin timezone

Nuclear equation-of-state and nuclei in core-collapse supernovae

19 Sep 2023, 14:30
Main Lecture Hall (GSI Darmstadt, Germany)

Main Lecture Hall

GSI Darmstadt, Germany

Südbau (SB1), GSI Campus
Oral Theory of supernovae and neutron stars Theory of supernovae and neutron stars


Shun Furusawa (Kanto Gakuin University)


Core-collapse supernovae are one of the most fascinating phenomena in astrophysics but the explosion mechanism is not clearly understood yet because of their intricacies. I will give an overview about the role of nuclear equation-of-state (EOS) and nuclei in supernovae. I will also discuss key nuclei and their key information to be investigated for further supernova study, and introduce recent progress of the research on EOS for astrophysical simulations.

Primary author

Shun Furusawa (Kanto Gakuin University)

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