13-17 February 2023
Department of Physics and Astronomy "A. Righi", University of Bologna
Europe/Berlin timezone

Lunches and dinners

Bologna is called "la grassa", which means "the fat one". No visitor left Bologna without knowing why.

Bologna offers a broad range of venues for lunch, dinner as well as "aperitivo" (drinks plus food) in the evening, with a broad choice of different cuisine.  Also the price range varies. 
We suggest to check out places via Google or TripAdvisor, which usually are reliable.

The Workshop venue is located in the city centre, at the heart of the University area.
Close to the Workshop venue you will find many bars, restaurants and cafés where to have lunch and dinner. We suggest a few places below. 

Bars and other quick lunch options 

  • Bar Baracca e Burattini - Via Irnerio 39a

  • Ristò Pallotti - Via Irnerio 17a

  • Matusel - Via Belle Arti 20
    (restaurant, with daily quick "lunch menu" options)

  • Tavernaki (greek) - Via Belle Arti 16c

  • Comix Café - Via Belle Arti 12a 

  • Alchemilla Bio (vegan) - Via Mascarella

  • Estravagario (vegetarian) - Via Mascarella 81h 

  • Malerba (vegan) - Via G. Petroni 15b

  • Sfogliarina (lunch only) - Via Castiglione 5/b

  • Bottega Portici (also opts. for a quick lunch menu everyday) - Piazza di Porta Ravegnana 2b

  • La prosciutteria (no veg options) - Via Oberdan 19a

  • Bistrot San Martino - Via Oberdan 24h

  • Pizzeria da Altero (take-away, several shops around the city)

  • Mercato di mezzo (take-away stands with covered common seating area) - Via Clavature 12

  • Tamburini - Via Caprarie 1 (opt. to take away or self-service)


Restaurants for lunch or dinner

Unless differently specified, we list several restaurants that propose traditional local or italian cuisine. Despite the Bologna cuisine being largely meat-based, also vegetarian (mainly cheese-based) options are usually available in these restaurants.

We strongly recommend booking in advance for dinner. Consider that the traditional restaurants are typically small and fill quickly. For large parties, better booking one or two days in advance.

  • Taverna del Postiglione
  • Osteria dei Poeti
  • Osteria Bottega
  • Sergei
  • Scaccomatto
  • Trattoria Belle Arti
  • Trattoria da Me
  • Botanica Lab (vegan restaurant)
  • ​​​​Matusel
  • Osteria Bentivoglio
  • La Montanara
    (specialties from traditional cuisine, needs booking in advance)
  • Osteria dell’Orsa
    (specialties from traditional cuisine, no booking possible, long queues in the evening)
  • Drogheria della rosa
  • Da Maro (fish) 
  • Da Bertino
    (a specialty is the boiled beef called "lesso" served with traditional sauces)
  • Trattoria Anna Maria - Via Belle Arti 17a
    (a specialty is home made egg-based pasta, tagliatelle and tortellini)


  • Banco del Vino
  • Berberé
  • Zia Margherita
  • Antica Pizzeria Da Michele
  • Pizzeria Belle Arti
  • Pizzium