13-17 February 2023
Department of Physics and Astronomy "A. Righi", University of Bologna
Europe/Berlin timezone

Venue and travel information


The welcome and all sessions on Monday Feb. 13th take place at 

Sala Ulisse of the Academy of Sciences  
Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna
Via Zamboni 31
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/soBhrPP7WgRu3N7PA 

From Tuesday to Friday the sessions will take place at

Aula Magna del Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia "Augusto Righi"
Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna
Via Irnerio 46
40126, Bologna
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/9etB9HyDUNQ4FwER6 


Bologna has its local airport, Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi di Bologna which is very well connected with national and international airlines. The airport is located 7 km from the heart of the city centre and is reachable easily by public transport.

From the Airport to the city and back 

  • The Marconi Express monorail line is the fastest way to travel to/from Bologna Central train station within only 7 minutes. It works from 5:40 to 24:00 every day,  costing a full one-way ticket for 9.8 euros and 17 euros round ticket (to be used within 30 days).
    The tickets can be bought at the rail station at the airport or by contactless card on board or via the online application Roger under the TPer area. To find the monorail station at the airport, upon arrival, you just need to follow the signs for Marconi Express, which will take passengers to the first floor of the terminal, and from there to the passage leading to the railway station.

  • The city bus shuttle is also available connecting the airport to the city centre working from 5:00 to 00:45 every 20 minutes. The shuttle can be taken outside the exit gate of the airport and in front of the central train station. It costs 6 euros onboard or/from  Roger application for 4 euros both valid for 75 minutes valid to the ride on the city buses too within the validity period. The distance from the railway station to the city centre (Piazza Maggiore) is about 1 km and if you are coming on Sunday the route from the railway station to the city centre is currently not served by public transportation, but you could take a taxi from there for a few euros. Alternatively, a taxi from the airport to the city centre costs about 20-30 euros depending on the time of the day and night.

From other Airports to Bologna

​​​​​​Bologna is connected to airports of other major cities by high-speed trains: Milano Linate, Milano Malpensa, Florence-Peretola, Venice and Rome-Fiumicino. The approximate times needed to reach Bologna from these airports (each estimation includes the time for a high-speed train and for the transfer from the airport to the train stations, assuming an average of 15 minutes of waiting time between connections) are about 2 hours and 15 minutes from both the Milano's airports, about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Florence-Peretola airport, about 2 hours from Venice airport and about 2 hours and 50 minutes from Rome-Fiumicino airport. Please read the next paragraph for information about travelling by train and visit the interesting airport website for information about connections between the airport and the closest train station.



Bologna is one of the main train junctions of Italy, making it very well connected by most of the national and international lines passing through it. The national train lines, FrecciaRossa, FrecciaArgento and Italo (high-speed) trains connect it to all the major Italian cities (e.g. Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome, Genova, Bari and Naples).

The main station is Bologna Centrale. The high speed trains arrive and leave from the high speed train station dedicated platforms, which are located just underground the main station. 

The distance from the main railway station Bologna Centrale to the city centre is about 1 km and if you are coming on Sunday the route from the railway station to the city centre is currently not served very efficiently by public transportation, but you could take a taxi from there for a few Euros. If arriving on Monday or later, from the central station you can take bus A/C/27/11 and get off at the city centre in about 5-10 minutes.

The tickets can be purchased at any Tabaccheria for 1.5 euros or via the online application Roger under the TPer area. If purchased on the bus itself, the cost is 2 euros, make sure you have the exact fare in coins, needed for the red ticket dispenser, or a card for the card reader.
If purchased at Tabaccheria or online, the ticket has to be validated on the bus.



The Bus station of Bologna is located 3 mins walk (300 meters) from the central train station (bus stop: Autostazione). The Italian cities as well as other European cities are well connected by bus.
For example, FlixBus is available at very cheap prices from Munich taking 7-8 hours, Geneva ~10 hours, Roma ~6 Hours, Florence ~1.5 hours, Venice ~2 hours, Turin ~5 hours, Genova 4-6 hours, Bari 8-10 hours and Milan ~2.5 Hours.



The main motorway connection is the A1 (E35), which links Bologna directly to Milan, Florence, and Rome and to three other main routes. If you come from Turin, Genoa or Brescia you can take the A21 and then you will reach the A1 at Piacenza; from Genoa and La Spezia, take the A15 and then go into A1 at Parma; from Brenner Pass, Verona, Mantova, by the A22 and then A1 at Modena. From Trieste, Tarvisio-Villach, Venice, and Padua the A13 motorway arrives in Bologna directly, as the A14 from Ancona, Rimini and Ravenna.

Once in Bologna, you exit the motorway entering into the city bypass (follow the signs "Tangenziale"). The bypass exit n. 7 (Centro - via Stalingrado) leads you to a large road (via Stalingrado) pointing to the city centre. Bear in mind that access to the city centre is restricted and electronically controlled. Ask your hotel for information, as they can provide a free access permit for your car. Note that parking in the city centre is not free. We advice you ask your hotel for parking fares as well.


Buses are run by TPer public transport company. Tickets can be purchased at any Tabaccheria for 1.5 euros or through the online application Roger under the TPer area. On the bus, tickets can be purchased for 2 euros, mind that the exact coin fare is needed for the red ticket dispenser on board. 

The city pass ticket consists of 10 tickets/rides each valid for 75 minutes can be bought for 14 euros if using the bus more often during your stay. If purchased at Tabaccheria, the ticket has to be validated on the bus and it is valid for 75 minutes.



For a taxi in Bologna, call +39-051-372727 (COTABO), +39-051-534141 (CAT), +39-051-519090 (COSEPURI) and +39-051-6349444 (SACA). As not all taxis accept payment by credit card, make sure you ask for it when calling any of the companies.

A taxi stop can be found outside the train station of Bologna Centrale and in a few locations around the city, Piazza Maggiore for instance. If you leave for the airport or station in the very early morning and want to get a taxi, you may want ask your hotel to call a taxi for you or call any of the above numbers the night before to ensure a ride at the desired time.