Effects of external magnetic fields on Nc=3 Nf=2 QCD from a Dyson-Schwinger perspective

5 Sep 2012, 12:00


Ms Jacqueline Bonnet (Institut für Kernphysik , JLU Giessen)


Strong magnetic fields, as produced during heavy ion collisions, are expected to influence the QCD phase structure. Therefore, theoretical investigations have been performed within effective model calculations as well as within lattice gauge theory and functional renormalization group frameworks. The findings opened up intense discussions since they were rather different and even opposite regarding the chiral magnetic effect. In this talk, I report on results obtained from an analysis of Nc=3, Nf=2 QCD within the framework of (truncated) Dyson-Schwinger equations.

Primary author

Ms Jacqueline Bonnet (Institut für Kernphysik , JLU Giessen)


Prof. C.S. Fischer (Institut für Kernphysik , JLU Giessen)

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