Research Data Management at GSI/FAIR

KBW 1.17 Hörsaal (GSI)

KBW 1.17 Hörsaal


KBW 1.17 Hörsaal
Andrew. K. Mistry (GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH(GSI))

We would like to cordially invite you to register for the first Research Data Management (RDM) workshop at GSI/FAIR to be held on the afternoons of the 4th and 5th July (1300-1700). The meeting will be hybrid Zoom and on-site at GSI.


The management of research data at GSI/FAIR is of paramount importance to maintain research excellence and scientific integrity. The correct management of research data is crucial to ensure that scientific findings are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. 

The workshop will discuss themes on RDM at GSI/FAIR and open science initiatives on an EU and national level.   

This will include:  

    - Introduction to RDM and Helmholtz Open Science 

    - Data Management planning  

    - Future perspectives for RDM at GSI/FAIR

    - Explanation on national and EU based open science projects  

    - Open floor discussion and short presentations of RDM within the various research groups at GSI/FAIR


Please register if you are interested in joining, and contributions are welcome. Please contact for further details and questions.

  • Alessandro Sciarra
  • Alexander Krimm
  • Alexander Yakushev
  • Ana Maria Marin Garcia
  • Anastasios Belias
  • Andrew. K. Mistry
  • Anton Kalinin
  • Arnaud Le Fevre
  • Benedikt Schmitz
  • Bernhard Zielbauer
  • Bowen Zhou
  • Christian Tacke
  • Christine Hornung
  • Christopher Huhn
  • Corinna Kausch
  • Danilo Zimmermann
  • Dmytro Kresan
  • Elif Sahin
  • Faraz Amjad
  • Florian Uhlig
  • Francesca Giacoppo
  • Frieder Koch
  • Hannah Elfner
  • Helena May Albers
  • Jan Staudenmaier
  • Johan Messchendorp
  • Johann Isaak
  • Johannes Hornung
  • Katrin Große
  • Lars Bozyk
  • Leandro Ramos Rocha
  • Malgorzata Gumberidze
  • Manuel Lorenz
  • Marc Oliver Herdrich
  • Matthias Kretz
  • Michael Geier
  • Michael Kraemer
  • Mohammad Al-Turany
  • Nicolas Hubbard
  • Nina Weisweiler
  • Oxana Ivanova
  • Pavol Mosat
  • Peter Katrik
  • Peter-Bernd Otte
  • Rainer Haseitl
  • Ralf Kliemt
  • Ralph J. Steinhagen
  • Samuel Ayet San Andres
  • Sanja Damjanovic
  • Sebastian Klammes
  • Sebastian Raeder
  • Shahab Sanjari
  • Simone Schwarz
  • Stefan Hesselbach
  • Stefan Typel
  • Stephane Pietri
  • Thomas Friedrich
  • Thomas Neff
  • Thomas Roth
  • Thorsten Kollegger
  • Tobias Stockmanns
  • Tom Kieck
  • Udo Eisenbarth
  • Udo Kurilla
  • Uwe Spillmann
  • Valentin Schulte
  • Vincent Bagnoud
  • Waldemar Schmidt
  • Yvonne Leifels