16-17 September 2021
GSI / Zoom
Europe/Berlin timezone

The NUSTAR collaboration maintains since many years the super-heavy elements (SHE) program at the UNILAC at GSI, while all other low-energy nuclear physics activities virtually stopped with the advent of high-energy primary and radioactive beams at SIS18 and FRS.

Meanwhile beam intensities at the UNILAC increased and there is the prospect of a new dedicated CW-accelerator in the intermediate future. These machines together with novel detectors, instrumentation, and experimental methodologies developed within NUSTAR provides intriguing unique physics opportunities at low energies with primary and secondary beams at GSI/FAIR.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss ideas and perspectives for a dedicated low-energy beam program at GSI/FAIR. There will be sessions dedicated to physics opportunities at i) UNILAC, ii) the future CW-Linac and iii) slowed-down rare isotope beams at the Super-FRS, which will also be available in a few years. Besides invited talks, we plan for contributed presentations and invite you to submit brief abstracts. The organizers foster equal opportunity and diversity and promote contributions from early-career scientists.

GSI / Zoom

Chairpersons: Timo Dickel, Jürgen Gerl, Wolfram Korten