27 June 2022 to 1 July 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone
Proceedings published (including slides)! Please check the JACoW pages.

Invited Talks

Longitudinal beam diagnostics R&D at GSI-UNILAC

Rahul Singh, GSI


Reinforcement Learning and Bayesian Optimization to support Linac Operations

Jose Luis Martinez Marin, ANL


Development and Commissioning of the K500 Superconducting Heavy Ion Cyclotron

Som, Sumit, VECC


Liquid lithium charge stripping commissioning with heavy ion beams

Kanemura, Takuji, MSU/FRIB


Heavy Ion Stripping

Peter Gerhard, GSI


Innovation Aspects in future Accelerators for Hadron Therapy

Vretenar, Maurizio, CERN


Design status of the EIC/Electron Ion Collider design and path forward

Willeke, Ferdinand, JLab


Status  and perspective of ECR based charge breeders

Angot, Julien, LPSC-CNRS/IN2P3


Laser driven ion sources and accelerator development and their applications

Jörg Schreiber, LMU


High beam power operations at RIKEN: technical developments, challenges and solutions

Kamigaito, Osamu, RIKEN


FRIB at MSU: status and opportunities/Commissioning experience at FRIB

Peter Ostroumov, MSU


SPIRAL 2 commissioning

Hanna Franberg-Delahaye, GANIL


Status and challenges of high intensity heavy ion accelerator facility (HIAF) in China

YANG, Jiancheng, IMP


Radioactive ion beams @TRIUMF, ISAC and ARIEL: status and perspectives

Friedhelm Ames, TRIUMF


nuCARIBU: Upgrade of the CARIBU facility at Argonne

Guy Savard, ANL


ISOLDE isotope production (LE, post-accel), for physics, material and life sciences (MEDICIS included)

Kowalska, Magdalena, CERN


"A New Solution for Cost Effective, High Average Power (2GeV, 6MW) Proton Accelerator and its R&D Activities"

ZHANG, Tianjue, CIAE


A novel CW RFQ for exotic and stable beams

Palmieri, Antonio, INFN-LNL


Deceleration of highly charged heavy ion beams

Markus Steck, GSI


First Intense Beam at JUNA 400kV underground Accelerator

Lianting Sun, Jinping Underground lab for Nuclear Astrophysics/IMP


Status of the FAIR Facility

Peter Spiller, GSI


3D printing (additive manufacturing) applied to accelerator components

Toms Torims, Riga Technical University


SC magnets challenges for the future

Lucio ROSSI, University of Milano/INFN