Study of neutron rich Cadmium isotopes and the possible N=82 shell quenching

16 Jul 2010, 14:00


Planckstr. 1 64291 Darmstadt


Dr Tomás Rodríguez (GSI)


The abundances of r-process nucleosynthesis in the mass A=130 region are largely affected by the nuclear structure properties around the N=82 magic number. Some simulations show a better description of the abundances if a shell quenching of N=82 is assumed. In addition, the anomalous behavior of the experimental 2+ excitation energies in neutron rich Cd isotopes has been interpreted as an indication of a reduction of the shell gap in this region. In this work we will study the spectroscopic properties of even-even Cadmium isotopes from N=50 to N=82 shells with beyond mean field methods. Our results reproduce nicely both the 2+ energies and B(E2) transitions without adjusting any parameter of the nucleon-nucleon force (Gogny D1S). Furthermore, we do not observe N=82 shell quenching and the anomalous behavior of the 128Cd can be interpreted in terms slight deformation effects.

Primary author


Dr Andrea Jungclaus (Instituto de Estructura de la Materia CSIC) Prof. J. Luis Egido (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

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