Constraining the QCD Phase Boundary with Data from Heavy Ion Collisions
12 - 14 February, 2018

EMMI Workshop Program
KBW Lecture Hall, GSI


Chairperson: Bengt Friman

9:00 9:05 Welcome

9:05 9:20 Peter Senger
Helmut Oeschler and the structure of matter

9:20 9:45 Anton Andronic
Hadron production in high-energy nuclear collisions and the QCD phase diagram

9:45 10:10 Alexander Schmah
Exploration of the QCD phase diagram with relativistic heavy-ion collisions

10:10 10:35 Peter Braun-Munzinger
The QCD phase boundary and production of rare and loosely bound objects

10:35 11:00 Coffee break

Chairperson: Carsten Greiner

11:00 11:25 Nu Xu
Study of the QCD Medium Properties at Finite Baryon Density - Recent Results from Beam Energy Scan at RHIC

11:25 11:50 Volker Koch
Fluctuations and the structure of the QCD phase diagram

11:50 12:15 Marek Gazdzicki
Study of onset of deconfinement and search for critical point by NA61/SHINE at CERN SPS

12:15 12:40 Anar Rustamov
Fluctuations of conserved charges in the canonical ensemble: confronting experimental results with theory

12:40 14:00 Lunch

Chairperson: Dirk Rischke

14:00 14:25 Masakiyo Kitazawa
Evolution of critical fluctuation: Non-binomial e?fficiency correction

14:25 14:50 Christian Schmidt
Recent results on cumulant ratios at nonzero temperature and density from lattice QCD

14:50 15:15 Gabor Almasi
Exploring chiral symmetry restoration in heavy-ion collisions with fluctuation observables

15:15 15:45 Coffee break

Chairperson: Marcus Bleicher

15:45 16:10 Pasi Huovinen
Fictions, fluctuations and mean fields

16:10 16:35 Michal Marczenko
Net-baryon number fluctuations in the quark-meson-nucleon model at finite baryon density

16:35 17:00 Vladimir Y. Vovchenko
Baryon number fluctuations and singularities at real and complex baryochemical potential


Chairperson: Michael Buballa

9:00 9:25 Helmut Satz
Color confinement and strangeness production

9:25 9:50 Wolfram Weise
Strangeness in dense baryonic matter and "hyperon puzzle" in neutron stars

9:50 10:15 Johanna Stachel
Probing deconfinement with heavy quarks

10:15 10:45 Coffee break

Chairperson: Owe Philipsen

10:45 11:10 Markus Bluhm
Di usion dynamics of net-baryon fluctuations near the QCD critical point

11:10 11:35 Joachim Stroth
Systematics of Strangeness Production at sqrt(s) = 2.4 AGeV Au+Au Collisions

11:35 12:00 Nicole Löher
(Anti-)(Hyper-)Nuclei, Resonances and Exotica with ALICE at the LHC

12:00 12:25 Chihiro Sasaki
Parity doubling of baryons in QCD thermodynamics

12:25 12:30 Carlo Ewerz

12:25 14:00 Lunch

Chairperson: Silvia Masciocchi

14:00 14:25 Kenji Morita
Probing Multistrange Dibaryons with Momentum Correlations in Heavy Ion Collisions

14:25 14:50 Pok Man Lo
S-matrix approach to the thermodynamics of hadrons

14:50 15:15 Norbert Herrmann
Status and Perspectives of the CBM Experiment

15:15 15:45 Coffee break

Chairperson: Christian Sturm

15:45 16:10 Boris Hippolyte
Modeling particle production with "New THERMUS"

16:10 16:35 Natasha Sharma
Study of chemical freeze-out parameters in pp, p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions

17:00 19:45 Conference Dinner in GSI Canteen


Chairperson: Jean Cleymans

9:00 9:25 Wojtek Florkowski
Relativistic hydrodynamics of spinning fluids

9:25 9:50 Vladimir Skokov
Probing onset of meson condensation phase with higher-order cumulants

9:50 10:15 Michal Szymanski
Polyakov loop fluctuations in the presence of external field

10:15 10:45 Coffee break

Chairperson: Krzysztof Redlich

10:45 11:10 Elena Bratkovskaya
Electromagnetic radiation of hot and dense matter

11:10 11:35 Tetyana Galatyuk
Exploring QCD phase diagram with dileptons

11:35 12:00 Alexander Rothkopf
In-medium heavy quark potential for quarkonium as an open quantum system

12:00 End of Workshop