Accelerator Seminar

Chiara Nociforo, "Isotope separation and particle identification at the Super-FRS"

Lecture Hall (KBW)

Lecture Hall


To move closer to the extreme limit of stability, the next generation of in-flight magnetic separator Super-FRS under construction at FAIR will provide fragment beams at relativistic energies (q≈Z) with large angular acceptance (dTheta = ±40 mrad, dPhi = ±20 mrad) and momentum distribution (dp/p = ±2.5%) together with a high resolving power of 1500. Rare isotopes of all elements up to uranium produced via fission and/or fragmentation will be separated within a few hundred nanoseconds and delivered to the three Super-FRS branches. Their identification at the final focal plane will require precise time, position, and energy measurements. In this contribution we will present the technical challenges - high intensity and high resolution - of the detecting system and we will discuss some technical solutions in connections with a few key experiments.