CBM Archive: Wilga 2016 - XXXVII-th IEEE-SPIE Joint Symposium on Photonics, Web Engineering, Electronics for Astronomy and High Energy Physics Experiments

  • Monday, 30 May
    • 08:00 08:01
      Version control friendly project management system for FPGA designs 1m
      Speaker: Wojciech Zabolotny (Warsaw University of Technology(WUT))
    • 08:01 08:02
      Test systems of the STS/MUCH-XYTER2 ASIC - from wafer-level to in-system verification 1m
      Speaker: Mrs Weronika Zubrzycka (AGH University of Science and Technology(AGH))
    • 08:02 08:03
      Tests for the Readout Chain components of the CBM STS 1m
      Speaker: Adrian Rodriguez Rodriguez