4-6 November 2015
Convitto della Calza, Florence, Italy
Europe/Berlin timezone


                           Workshop Photos

Welcome reception: Tom Shea discussing with Davide Reggiani.

A moment during the reception. Jorg Wenninger talks with Manfred Wendt: "Ehi Manfred, how about the Shottky?".

"Give me a glass of prosecco please".

A view of the meeting room during one talk. Frank Rathmann explains the mysteries of EDM. 

Frank Zimmermann charing the first session.

After so many talks lets have a standing buffet at the "chiostro" in the  Convitto della Calza... 

Lets return to the meeting room, the afternoon session starts in few minutes. 

Angelina and Isabel in a social moment.

                                                 "Beam Dynamics meets Diagnostics"