22-27 September 2014
Vietri sul Mare
Europe/Berlin timezone

Phase structure of three and four flavor QCD

27 Sep 2014, 18:30
Hotel meeting room (Vietri sul Mare)

Hotel meeting room

Vietri sul Mare


Mr Christian A. Welzbacher (JLU Giessen)


We investigate the phase structure of QCD at finite temperature and light-quark chemical potential. We improve upon earlier results for Nf=2+1 dynamical quark flavors and investigate the effects of charm quarks in an extension to Nf=2+1+1. We determine the quark condensate and the Polyakov loop potential using solutions of a coupled set of (truncated) Dyson-Schwinger-equations for the quark and gluon propagators of Landau gauge QCD. At zero chemical potential we find excellent agreement with results from lattice-QCD. With input fixed from physical observables we find only a very small influence of the charm quark onto the resulting phase diagram at finite chemical potential. We discuss the location of the emerging critical end-point and compare with expectations from lattice gauge theory.

Primary authors

Mr Christian A. Welzbacher (JLU Giessen) Prof. Christian S. Fischer (JLU Giessen) Dr Jan Lücker (Universität Heidelberg / Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)

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