From Science to Entrepreneurship - How to find funding and safely turn ideas into a business model!

BK1.1.001a (Seitenraum Kantine) (GSI Campus)

BK1.1.001a (Seitenraum Kantine)

GSI Campus


Type: GSI/FAIR Start-up afternoon with Goethe University Frankfurt - Lectures & informal exchange

Title: From Science to Entrepreneurship - How to find funding and safely turn your ideas into a business model!

Speaker: Matthias Götz, Timo Smit & Madeleine Mussgnug from Innovectis & more

We are pleased to invite you to the first entrepreneurship lecture on the GSI/FAIR campus.
Do you already have a concrete idea or would you like explore opportunities  how to protect, promote and finance future ideas that go beyond science? Then this seminar will certainly be a great benefit for you.

In this afternoon you will

  • learn different financing options for your ideas,
  • learn how to secure your ideas from imitators,
  • get inspired by success stories  and
  • connect with experts and other entrepreneurship enthusiasts.

This a fantastic opportunity to meet with experts who are willing to share their unique experience and know-how. For more details, check out our timetable below.

Save your seat! For better planning of the event please register via the registration link below. No fee is charged, drinks and snacks are included.

This event is part of the HEPTrepreneur Training School. If you have already registered for the Training School, you are also enrolled for this event.


About Innovectis & Betterdrinx: Innovectis is the commercialisation company of Goethe University in Frankfurt with many years of experience in utilisation and entrepreneurship. Innovectis facilitates the transformation of research findings into practical applications, serving researchers by assisting them in patenting and licensing their inventions, seeking development funding, and fostering industry connections. Additionally, Innovectis manages the Goethe-Unibator, supporting students and scientists in building startups. Betterdrinx is one of the start-ups supported by the Unibator. You can find more information about Innovectis here.


We look forward to your participation!

  • Alexander Japs
  • Alexander Warth
  • Alicja Surowiec
  • Eoin Clerkin
  • Esther Schickel
  • Faraz Amjad
  • Farsane Baraki
  • Jelena Bardak
  • Jennifer Persigehl
  • Jennifer Persigehl
  • Kathrin Göbel
  • Leon Kaysan
  • Martina Bauer
  • Patrick Tedit Patchakui
  • Sivaji Purushothaman
  • Tugba ARICI
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    • 13:30 15:00
      Valuable Ideas - How to protect it from Imitators 1h 30m
      • Importance of Idea Protection in Academia
      • Inventions & Patenting
      • Development & Commercialisation
      Speakers: Dr Matthias Götz (Innovectis) , Dr Timo Smit (Innovectis)
    • 15:00 15:15
      Coffee Break 15m

      Coffee, Tea & more

    • 15:15 16:45
      Financing Options for your Ideas in three Categories 1h 30m
      • Early-stage funding
      • Project funding
      • Equity capital
      Speaker: Madeleine Mussgnug (Innovectis)
    • 16:45 17:00
      Coffee Break 15m

      Coffee, Tea & more

    • 17:00 17:30
      Success Story: Technical Start-up “Betterdrinx” 30m
      Speaker: Justin Port (Betterdrinx)
    • 17:30 19:00
      Social Closing & Chat with Experts 1h 30m

      With drinks & snacks