Accelerator Seminar

The tracking code RF-Track and its application

by Andrea Latina (CERN)

Online only (Zoom, ID: 623 3741 6462/ PW: 561 384)

Online only (Zoom, ID: 623 3741 6462/ PW: 561 384)


RF-Track is a CERN-developed particle tracking code that can simulate the generation, acceleration, and tracking of beams of any species through an entire accelerator, both in realistic field maps and conventional elements. RF-Track includes a large set of single-particle and collective effects: space-charge, beam-beam, beam loading in standing and travelling wave structures, short- and long-range wakefield effects, synchrotron radiation emission, multiple Coulomb scattering in materials, and particle lifetime. These effects make it the ideal tool for the simulation of high-intensity machines. RF-Track has been used for the simulation of electron linacs for medical applications, inverse-Compton-scattering sources, positron sources, protons in Linac4, and the cooling channel of a future muon collider. An overview of the code is presented, along with some significant results.