Accelerator Seminar

Radioactive Ion Beams at TRIUMF

by Oliver Kester (TRIUMF)

Online (Zoom)

Online (Zoom)


TRIUMF’s accelerator complex is dedicated to generate intense primary beams for secondary particle production. TRIUMF’s core accelerator is the sector-focused H− cyclotron capable of delivering up to four independently controllable proton beams at energies from 70 to 520 MeV with an integrated current of up to 320 μA. In the framework of the Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory (ARIEL) project of TRIUMF, a 30 MeV, 10 mA cw-electron linac has been constructed and is in operation, undergoing a series of reliability upgrades. The e-linac will provide a driver beam on a converter target to produce rare isotopes via photo fission. This significant addition and upgrade of the TRIUMF accelerator facility is pioneered by the ARIEL project, which will enable TRIUMF to provide three rare isotope beams at different kinetic energies in parallel and allows for additional medical isotope production. In parallel a significant refurbishment and upgrade program is executed to prepare the rare isotope beam (RIB) facility for the ARIEL operation era and of this decade.