26-30 September 2022
GSI Darmstadt
Europe/Berlin timezone

The QWG workshop is the premier opportunity for experimentalists and theorists to gather to discuss topics related to quarkonium physics. The scientific program will include topics related to heavy quarkonium in particle and nuclear physics as well as those in related fields.

Speakers are by invitation only, every participant might, however, present a poster. There is no conference fee and participation in the workshop is free of charge.

Covid-19 Disclaimer: The plan is to have a presence meeting, however, we need to react flexible to the unpredictable (inter-) national regulations concerning the COVID-19 situation, which means that we might need to switch to a remote online format. We keep the related information up-to-date and the registered participants informed.

Covid-19 safety measures:

  • The QWG 2022 meeting is taking place on the compound of the GSI Darmstadt. Thus, all participants have to follow the Covid-19 regulations imposed by the GSI at the time of the meeting.
  • The LOC reserves the right to impose even stricter regulations, depending on the develeopment of the pandemic.
  • FFP2 masks will be provided free of charge for all  participants and can be picked up at the registration desk  of the conference during business hours. We encourage all  participants to wear FFP2 masks, while inside the GSI buildings. Inside the lecture hall, where the talks will be  given, wearing a mask will be obligatory.
  • Covid-19 self-tests will be provided free of charge for all participants and can be picked up at the registration desk of the conference during business hours. We encourage all participants to make use of these tests, in particular on the days of the reception, the poster session and the conference dinner.

Ukraine Conflict: Due to the horrendous ongoing military Russia-Ukraine conflict, the measures taken by GSI include the temporary suspension of all scientific collaborations with members and scientists of Russian and Belarusian state research institutions. Therefore we unfortunately cannot accept any participation of people with such affiliation. Our sympathy goes to all the people suffering from this terrible war.


QWG Conveners

  • Geoffrey Bodwin, ANL, USA
  • Nora Brambilla, TU Munich, Germany
  • Roberto Mussa, INFN Torino, Italy
  • Vaia Papadimitriou, FNAL, USA
  • Antonio Vairo, TU Munich, Germany

Topical Conveners: Theory/Experiment

  • Spectroscopy

    G. Bali, N. Brambilla, J. Soto / R. Mizuk, R. Mitchell, R. Mussa
  • Decays

    E. Eichten, A. Vairo / C. Patrignani, C.Z. Yuan, C.P. Shen
  • Production

    G. Bodwin, E. Braaten, J. Qiu / V. Kartvelishvili, V. Papadimitriou
  • Standard Model Measurements

    A. Kronfeld, A. Pineda / S. Eidelman (†), B. A. Shwartz
  • Quarkonium in Media

    P. Petreczky, R. Vogt / A.D. Frawley, E. Scomparin
  • Beyond the Standard Model

    A. Petrov, P. Ko / D. Wang
  • Automated Calculations and Interface to Monte Carlo

    P. Faccioli, H.-S. Shao and V. Shtabovenko

Local Organisation Committee

  • Frank Nerling (Chair)
  • Klaus Götzen
  • Udo Kurilla
  • Anja Meergans
  • Daniel Mohler
  • Marc Wagner

Supported by

  • Matthias Lutz
  • Klaus Peters (GSI Contact)

Quarkonium Working Group
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