10-15 July 2022
Grand Hotel Terminus, Bergen, Norway
Europe/Oslo timezone


Halo Week 2020

After the discovery of Halo nuclei in 1987 and a series of experiments at the first-generation radioactive beam facilities, the field experienced a boost in the time period 1994 to 2003 when the next-generation experiments provided more precise data accomplished by theory developments. During that time, two dedicated workshop series took regularly place.

The Halo Weekends organized in the Nordic countries starting with Copenhagen in 1994 and 1995, followed by Säröhus (1997), Copenhagen (1999), Louvainla-Neuve (2000), Göteborg (2002), St. Petersburg (2003), and Bergen (2005). In addition, several workshops in Trento were devoted to the physics of Halo nuclei, one in 1996 and 2001, and a follow-up workshop in 2006. After the tremendous progress and extension, the field has seen in recent years both in experiment and theory, we feel that it is timely to restart a dedicated workshop series on this subject, which we see as a follow-up in the tradition of the aforementioned workshops, while we interpret “Halo" here as a synonym for dripline physics in general.

We decided to organize the first “Halo Week” in Bergen to discuss the status of the field and its perspectives. We hope that this starts a new series of workshops organized regularly around the world depending on the progress of the field. Following the tradition of previous workshops, we plan for a size of 40-50 participants to discuss the most recent experimental and theoretical progress and perspectives.

The conference will take place at the Grand Hotel Terminus in the conference room TERMINUS FORUM with direct access to a large outside area for coffee breaks and discussions. The conference hotel is located centrally in downtown Bergen.


Grand Hotel Terminus, Bergen, Norway