8-9 February 2021
Zoom Meeting
Europe/Berlin timezone


The meeting was executed via the Zoom: Details were given.

This meeting is the kick-off for our technical development related to the slow extraction improvement.

As the first step, it would be good to determine the current status of all partners by giving each partner the opportunity for a presentation. The focus of the talks should be related to the methods of slow extraction and the spill micro structure. A survey of the achievements at this facilities and future requirements should be discussed in addition.

For the companies the contribution acts a survey on their portfolio with the focus on rf-amplifiers (in the range of 0.1 to few 10 MHz with versatile control for Barthel) and current transformers (high resolution current measurement with a bandwidth from dc to few 10 kHz by combining of DCCT and ACT for Bergoz). The design ideas for knock-out extraction requirements and power supplier regulation should be discussed.

For material upload you need an INDICO account, either a general one or a dedicated account at GSI. If you don't have an GSI-INDICO account, it can be created via https://indico.gsi.de/register/ . Please try the access prior to the meeting. In case of problems, please contact us.



Some material realted to I.FAST and -REX can be found on the bottom right link on this page.

Zoom Meeting