Accelerator Seminar

The MESA Energy-recovery LINAC - new possibilities for accelerator-based experiments at low energies

by Kurt Aulenbacher (Helmholtzinstitut Mainz)




The Mainz Energy-recovery Superconducting Accelerator is under construction at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz. This  recirculating CW-electron-LINAC will operate at average current levels of >1mA, later to be increased to 10mA at 100MeV beam energy.

The extreme beam power of up to 1MW at the target  requires  beam kinetic energy recuperation (Energy Recovery Linac, - ERL).

This makes realization possible despite strict  economic limits and ensures a small ecological footprint. Though the operating principle requires small beam target interaction, innovative experiments in low energy electron scattering are feasible and are also already under construction. Various features and options for the MESA facility will be discussed.