6 February 2019
Heidelberg University
Europe/Berlin timezone

EMMI Workshop

Heidelberg University
Institut für Theoretische Physik, Seminar Room 106, Philosophenweg 12, 69120 Heidelberg

The EMMI workshop "Central Exclusive Production at the LHC" will focus on theoretical ideas concerning central exclusive production (CEP) with particular emphasis on their relevance for experiments at the LHC.

Topics of the workshop:

  • Ap collisions and CEP with photon exchange
  • CEP of boson and fermion pairs
  • CEP of glueballs and their decay 
  • CEP in a Veneziano-type model 
  • general properties of CEP and absorption corrections 
  • possible odderon observation in pp elastic collisions at the LHC
  • event generators for CEP 

Publication related to the workshop:
C. Ewerz, O. Nachtmann, R. Schicker

Central exclusive production at the LHC: Remarks by the organisers on an EMMI workshop