30 April 2017 to 5 May 2017
IESC Cargese
Europe/Berlin timezone
This conference intends to bring together scientists in both experimental and theoretical physics from the fields of precision physics, particle trapping, the physics of simple atomic systems, strong-field physics, quantum electrodynamics and fundamental constants, interactions and symmetries.
It is organized by Laboratoire Kastler Brossel Paris and Université d'Évry-Val-d'Essonne (Laurent Hilico and Jean-Philippe Karr), GSI Helmholtz-Zentrum Darmstadt and Helmholtz-Institut Jena (Wolfgang Quint and Manuel Vogel).
We invite you to register and submit oral or poster contributions. There will be no proceedings of this conference. Please create an abstract using the below template and use 'submit a new abstract'.

This conference is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Fritz Bosch (1940-2016).

Main topics:
Precision experiments in atomic, molecular and nuclear physics
Bound-state QED in atoms, molecules, ions
Physics of highly charged ions
Fundamental constants
The proton size puzzle
Matter/antimatter symmetry tests
Particle trap physics
International advisory board:
Vladimir Shabaev, St. Petersburg State University, Russia
Richard Thompson, Imperial College London, UK
Klaus Blaum, MPI-K Heidelberg, Germany
Paul Indelicato, Ecole Normale Supérieure, France
Peter Mohr, NIST, USA
Victor Flambaum, University of New South Wales, Australia
Martina Knoop, Aix Marseille Université, France
Franz Kottmann, ETH Zurich and PSI, Switzerland
Andrey Surzhykov, TU Braunschweig, Germany
François Nez,  Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, France
Eric Hessels, York University, Canada
Aldo Antognini, ETH Zürich and PSI, Switzerland
Paolo Crivelli, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Yasunori Yamasaki, RIKEN, Japan
Dmitry Budker, University of Mainz / HI Mainz, Germany
Carlo Rizzo, CNRS, France
Krzysztof Pachucki, FU Warsaw, Poland
Ulrich Jentschura, Missouri S&T University, USA
Andrzej Czarnecki, University of Alberta, Canada
Martino Trassinelli, INSP, France
Ekkehard Peik, PTB Braunschweig, Germany
IESC Cargese
Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques 20130 CARGESE Corsica, France
More information about the IESC can be found at http://www.iesc.univ-corse.fr/
Accomodation can be booked via the website
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Please note, that according to IESC rules, the payment for such accomodation will have to be made via us, the organizers. Please pay for accomodation together with the payment of the conference fee, please add 50 € per person per night (in single room) or 40 € per person per night (in double room) for on-campus accomodation. In case of other accomodation booked via this site, any differences to these amounts can be settled upon arrival. These prices include breakfast.

Cargèse is located on the west coast of Corsica. The closest airport and harbour are located in Ajaccio. Other itineraries are possible but please be aware of the scarceness of public transportation in Corsica. Driving through Corsica is scenic but can take a long time.
Travel information: http://www.corsicabus.org/
For detailed information please visit: http://www.visit-corsica.com/en/Plan-your-holiday/Access
Average driving times from main towns/airports: Ajaccio - Cargèse 0:45 Calvi - Cargèse 2:30 Bastia - Cargèse 3:30 Corte - Cargèse 3:00
This conference is sponsored by EMMI, see
and by the Center for Quantum Dynamics, Heidelberg

Please note that all participants need to make their own travel and accomodation arrangements. The Institute housing facilities on site include 26 double rooms, a studio, an apartment (for 2-4 persons) and a villa (for 2-6 persons). Two rooms are fully accessible to persons with reduced mobility. Participants are often lodged in the village of Cargese, in studios to 4 bedrooms apartments. A 20 minutes walk is required to reach the Institute from the village, it is therefore necessary to provide proper footwear and a flashlight for night returns. The Institute provides lunches to all participants but breakfasts are served only to participants staying on site. Participants staying in the village should take care of their breakfasts. Upon request from the organisers it is possible to arrange a breakfast service in the village. Evening meals are not included in the forfeit of the Institute (with the exception of barbecue, appetizers or on explicit request). Participants should autonomously take care for evening meals.The Institute may, upon request, assist in organizing group meals at restaurants in the village.