NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/S. Wiessinge
Image credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/S. Wiessinger

The 626. Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Seminar “Neutron Stars: A Cosmic Laboratory for Matter under Extreme Conditions” focuses on key questions in modern neutron star physics both from a theoretical as well as from an observational perspective. It provides a forum for scientific exchange between the two communities with focus on state-of-the-art results and future opportunities.

Topics to be discussed include:
  • NS masses and radii
  • Properties of the inner crust
  • Superfluidity, neutrino cooling and rotational dynamics
  • The role of hyperons and baryonic resonances in the high-density EOS
  • Properties of quark matter in the inner core
  • r-modes and viscosities
  • NS mergers and GWs
  • X-ray binaries
  • Quasi-periodic oscillations
  • Pulse profile modeling (from isolated and accreting NS)
  • NS seismology
The program consists of invited talks, oral presentations by young researchers and a poster session.

The Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Foundation generously provides funds for the accommodation of all participants and travel expenses for the invited speakers.

The application deadline is September 23, 2016
Starts Oct 26, 2016 09:00
Ends Oct 29, 2016 14:00
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
Hauptstraße 5 53604 Bad Honnef Germany