1-3 June 2016
Europe/Berlin timezone

The Slow Extraction: Survey

The Slow Extraction Survey
Friday 3 June 2016
Machine acceptance:
Beta function at the septum:
Type of Beam:
Current in machine (A):
Beam emittances
Momentum spread dp/p:
Incoherent tune shift:
Beam bunched/unbunched:
Resonance used:
Chromaticity correction:
Feed back system:
Other control schemes used:
Extracted intensity (N/S):
Slow Extraction Efficiency %:
Beam loss at the septum %:
Beam loss: Rest of the machine %:
Slow Extraction length (s):
Micro Spill quality:
(Define it, time scale, etc..)
Spill variations:
Required spill quality:
Required spill stability:
Notes, observations: