GSI Darmstadt
Lecture Hall (KBW)
GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung Planckstraße 1 64291 Darmstadt
  • Eli Piasetzky
  • Mark Strikman
  • Misak Sargsian
  • Thomas Aumann
Main Topics - Current GSI potential for SRC studies (proton and nuclear beams) - FAIR potential - JLab - 12 GeV and data mining - J-Parc high energy beams - Dubna proton and nuclear beams - Progress in the calculations of the cross sections of the (semi) exclusive processes sensitive to the short-range correlations - Progress in the theoretical methods of calculation of the cross sections of the hard exclusive and semi exclusive processes sensitive to the short-range correlations - QCD factorization theorems for hard exclusive processes - Current methods of the calculation of the wave functions, spectral functions of nuclei at high momenta including ideas for the relativistic description of nuclear wave functions in this regime - Dynamics of the modifcations of the bound nucleon wave function - Role of the QCD dynamics in understanding properties of the dense cold nuclear matter - Possible links between the structure of the short-range correlations in nuclei and properties of the core of the neutron stars - Color transparency dynamics in quasielastic and coherent phenomena - Recent results on deep inelastic scattering of nuclei - Effect of correlations in lepton(hadron)-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus scattering at high energies - Electron-ion collider and nuclear structure - Thee nucleon short range correlations - Non-nucleon components in SRCs - Implications of SRC for neutrino scattering experiments