2nd PhD Science Day @ GSI 2014

Main Auditorium (GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research GmbH)

Main Auditorium

GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research GmbH

Planck Str. 1 D-64291, Darmstadt
The Idea of having this event is to mobilize and improve communication between the PhD Students working in different research departments at GSI. The Science Day will be organized in cooperation with GSI Summer Program 2014. This event facilitates an opportunity for all PhD Students to understand and explore the rich scientific research domains with in GSI. Moreover, this helps motivate Summer Students to get valuable information about actual work and experience from the Posters displayed by PhD Students. The event also address the career perspectives issue to help many PhD Students plan and prepare for future.

Our event serves many purposes at the same time:
  1. Central Event Dedicated to SCIENCE for PhD Students in GSI – Approx. 200 PhD Students at GSI
  2. Building Communication and encourage Networking with in PhD Students
  3. Interaction with Alumni  - Helping PhD Students to plan future
  4. Future Perspectives - FAIR GmbH -  For final year PhD Students
  5. Public relation event for GSI and FAIR -  Motivating future PhD Candidates – The Summer Students
  6. Poster Session – Showcasing the rich scientific research from all divisions at GSI
  7. Best Poster Awards- Motivate all Students and facilitate a new culture
How to participate?
PhD Students from all research divisions in GSI are requested to apply for the Poster Session. In total, 26 Poster (2 Posters/Research Division) will be selected from the applications. Last date to apply for the Poster Session is Friday 2nd August 2014 (17:00 Hrs). The application for Poster session has ended. Applications for Posters has been evaluated and participants have been informed.

The Poster need not have to be prepared a fresh or the event. Participants and use already prepared Posters for previous event(s) (Conferences/DPG Meetings/Workshops/etc). Each department is asked for at least two contributions show casing the kind of work/progress/development/research in the department. Each Poster presenter will be receive a definite consolation prize and 2 Best Posters will be selected on the basis of Votes by GSI Summer Students and will be awarded. The Prize is kindly provided by HGS-HIRe and GSI.

Organizing Team
Pradeep Ghosh (Representative, PhD Students HGS-HIRe) and Helmholtz Juniors @ GSI
Help and Support from : Prof. Dr. Joern Knoll (GSI Summer Student Program), HGS-HIRe, GSI Helmholtz Center and FAIR GmbH.
Should have any comment, question or suggestion please do write us. We highly appreciate every feedback.
    • 14:00 14:30

      Introduction to the PhD Science Day @ GSI, 2013

      Convener: Helmholtz Juniors Representative (GSI)
      • 14:00
        Spirit of PhD Science Day @ GSI 5m
        Speaker: Pradeep Ghosh (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt(UFfm-IKP))
      • 14:05
        Contributions of GSI in Science 20m
        Speaker: Prof. Karlheinz Langanke (Scientific Research Director, GSI Helmholtz Center GmbH)
      • 14:25
        Few words of Motivation 5m
        Speaker: Dr Gerhard Burau (Scientific Coordinator, HGS-HIRe)
    • 14:30 14:50
      Convener: Helmholtz-Juniors Representative
      • 14:30
        FAIR and Future Perspectives 20m
        Speaker: Dr Inti Lehmann (Deputy Research Director, FAIR GmbH)
    • 14:50 14:55
      Coffee Break 5m

      Coffee Tea and cookies will be arranged for all. Supported kindly by HGS-HIRe.

    • 14:55 15:30
      Information Exchange

      Exchanging valuable information from the experience of former PhD Students at GSI.

      Convener: Helmholtz Juniors Representative
      • 15:00
        Sharing Experience-1 5m
        Speaker: Dr Tetyana Galatyuk (TU Darmstadt / GSI)
      • 15:05
        Sharing Experience-2 5m
        Speaker: Dr Ioannis Bouras (Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main)
      • 15:10
        Sharing Experience-3 5m
        Speaker: Dr Samir Amar (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt(UFfm-IKP))
    • 15:30 15:35
      Cakes and Drinks 5m

      Cakes and Drinks (Water and Juices) will be arranged for all. Supported kindly by HGS-HIRe.

    • 15:35 16:50
      Poster Session

      In total, 26 Posters from various Research Departments of GSI will be presented by PhD Students.

      Convener: Helmholtz-Juniors Representative
      • 15:35
        Accelerator01- First Idea on Bunch to Bucket Transfer for FAIR 1h 15m
        Speaker: Ms Jiaoni Bai (Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main - (GU))
      • 15:35
        ALICE01- Estimates of heavy-ion collision symmetry planes 1h 15m
        Speaker: Mr Jaap Onderwaater (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        ALICE02- Feasibility Study of χc identification with ALICE 1h 15m
        Speaker: Mr Steffen Weber (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        AtomicPhysics01- Laser Spectroscopy of the Element Nobelium at SHIPTRAP 1h 15m
        Speaker: Felix Lautenschläger (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        AtomicPhysics02- PEGASUS: Building an intense spin-polarized electron gun 1h 15m
        Speaker: Daniel Schury (Justus Leibig University, Giessen - (JLU))
      • 15:35
        BioPhysics01- Influence of shear stress on the anti-inflammatory response to low-dose ionizing radiation 1h 15m
        Speaker: Nadine Erbeldinger (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        BioPhysics02- Combining multiple fields and ITV-PTV margins for motion mitigation using NSCLC sequential 4DCTs 1h 15m
        Speaker: Romain Brevet (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        CBM01- The CBM Silicon Tracking System 1h 15m
        Speaker: Pavel Larionov (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt(UFfm-IKP))
      • 15:35
        CBM02 - Standalone First Level Event Selection Package 1h 15m
        Speaker: Ms Valentina Akishina (Frankfurt University)
      • 15:35
        HADES01- Reconstruction of neutral Mesons in 1.23 GeV/u Au+Au collision measured with HADES detector 1h 15m
        Speaker: Mrs Claudia Behnke (Institut fuer Kernphysik, Goethe-Universitaet, Frankfurt, Germany)
      • 15:35
        HADES02- Charged Kaon- and Phi-Meson-Reconstruction in Au+Au-Collisions at 1.23 AGeV 1h 15m
        Speaker: Mrs Heidi Schuldes (IKF, Goethe-Universität)
      • 15:35
        Material01- Zinc Oxide 3D Nanowire Networks Fabricated by Ion-track Technology and Electrodeposition 1h 15m
        Speaker: Ms Liana Movsesyan (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        Material02- Al2O3, TiO2, and SiO2-nanotubes synthesised by ion-track technology and ALD 1h 15m
        Speaker: Ms Anna Spende (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        Material03- Intense Heavy Ion Beam Induced Effects in Carbon Based Materials 1h 15m
        Speaker: Ms Katharina Kupka (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        Material04- Dealloying of electrochemically grown Au-Ag nanowires 1h 15m
        Speaker: Loïc Burr (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        PlasmaPhysics01- High energy ion acceleration and neutron production using relativistic transparency in solids 1h 15m
        Speaker: Mr Oliver Deppert (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        PlasmaPhysics02- LIGHT – a laser-driven proton beamline 1h 15m
        Speaker: Diana Jahn (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        PlasmaPhysics03- Isobaric heated carbon near the solid-liquid phase transition in the 1Mbar regime 1h 15m
        Speaker: Jan Helfrich (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        PrimaryBeams01- Systematic Measurement of the Pumping Capabilities of Cryogenic Surfaces 1h 15m
        Speaker: Frederic Chill (Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main - (GU))
      • 15:35
        PrimaryBeams02- Heavy Ion Induced Desorption Measurements on Cryogenic Targets 1h 15m
        Speaker: Christoph Maurer (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        PrimaryBeams03- Electrical integrity and its protection for reliable operation of superconducting machines 1h 15m
        Speaker: Mr Piotr Szwangruber (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        R3B01- Quasi-free single-nucleon knockout reactions on neutron-rich Oxygen Isotopes 1h 15m
        Speaker: Ms Leyla Atar (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        R3B02- Reactions of neutron-rich Sn-Isotopes investigated at relativistic energies at R3B 1h 15m
        Speaker: Fabia Schindler (TU-Darmstadt)
      • 15:35
        Theory01- Two-body scattering processes for low energies with chiral perturbation theory 1h 15m
        Speaker: Mr Hans F Fuhrmann (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        Theory02- Modelling Light exotic nuclei in Fermionic Molecular Dynamics 1h 15m
        Speaker: Ms Katharine Henninger (Technical University, Darmstadt - (TU))
      • 15:35
        Theory03- Investigating the transition interfaces in hybrid approaches 1h 15m
        Speaker: Dmytro Oliinychenko (Frankfurt Institue for Advanced Studies - (FIAS))
    • 16:50 17:00
      Closing and Reward Ceremony

      Two best poster contribution will be awarded. The posters will be adjudged based on points/votes from GSI Summer students (2014) at the event during the session. The Awards are supported kindly by HGS-HIRe and GSI. All presenters from the Poster Session will receive a Souvenir from GSI and FAIR GmbH.

      There will be a Group Photo with both winners, all Poster Presenters with the Chief Guest at the end.

      Convener: Helmholtz Juniors Representative

      On Monday, August 11, 2014, the second PhD Science Day took place at GSI. The event aims to improve communication between the PhD students working in different research departments at GSI and to address career perspectives. In total approximately 100 PhD students joined. Also the 42 GSI summer students participated in the event.


      In his opening speech organizer and PhD student representative Pradeep Ghosh explained the spirit of the PhD science day, afterwards GSI research director Professor Karlheinz Langanke talked about the research conducted at GSI. The scientific coordinator Dr. Gerhard Burau of the Helmholtz Graduate School HGS-HIRe, the organization hosting all GSI and FAIR PhD students, gave a few words of motivation. And Dr. Inti Lehmann, deputy research director of FAIR, spoke about the FAIR plans and the future perspectives. Then alumni were available for the participants to exchange information and give career recommendations.

      In the final poster session the participating PhD students presented their fields of research in 26 posters. The summer students voted for the two best posters, which were honored with a certificate and a GSI bag. The winners were Claudia Behnke (HADES) and Oliver Deppert (plasma physics)