Workshop goals are: Update the Plasma Physics Program at FAIR which was formulated a decade ago • adapt the collaboration work of HEDgeHOB and WDM to the changes in the FAIR scope and planning  • formulate and define "phase 0" experiments for the upgraded GSI facilities in 2018, "first day" experiments after the commissiong of SIS-100 and experiments with the outstanding beam parameters available from 2022 on • develop new and alternative diagnostic schemes • include applications from material science and biophysics into the program 

  Collaboration Meeting: Afternoon of last workshop day
  • Dieter (chair) Hoffmann
  • Vincent (co-chair) Bagnoud
Local Organizing Committee:
Vincent Bagnoud (, Abel Blazevic (, Paul Neumayer (, Dieter  H. H. Hoffmann (, Thomas Kühl (, Stephan Neff (,  Olga Rosmej (, Markus Roth (,  Dennis Schumacher (, Dmitry Varentsov (, Karin Weyrich (