28 January 2024 to 2 February 2024
Darmstädter Haus
Europe/Berlin timezone

PHEDM-Hirschegg Workshop 2024

44$^\text{th}$ Workshop on High-Energy-Density Physics with laser and Ion beams

The 44$^\text{th}$ Hirschegg Workshop on high-energy-density physics follows the 40-year-long tradition of scientific exchanges in the cozy environment of the Darmstaedter Haus in Hirschegg, Austria. We are delighted to organize the meeting from January 28$^\text{th}$ to February 2$^\text{nd}$, 2024, as an on-site meeting, and invite the HED community to join the event.

Scope of the meeting

This year, the Program Committee for the 44th International Workshop on High-Energy-Density Physics with Intense Ions and Laser Beams encourages contributions from the HED community on the following topics:

  • Theoretical and experimental progress in high energy density sciences (EOS, transport properties, non-equilibrium, phase transitions, chemistry, relativistic laser-matter interaction)
  • Astrophysics applications of HED states (planets, stars, accretion processes, astrophysical shocks), nuclear photonics (laser-driven nuclear physics)
  • Real-world applications of HED science (particle acceleration and radiation sources, materials synthesis and performance)
  • New and upcoming HED facilities

Special session on laser-driven fusion: we plan a full day to have round table discussions and scientific presentations on the current state of laser-driven fusion research worldwide.

In addition, the workshop is structured to provide students and young scientists with an opportunity to present their work in a friendly and collegial atmosphere.

Organisational details

Due to a general increase in costs, this year the costs were unfortunately not covered by the income. As we did not increase the fees for some time, we have decided, after a lengthy discussion, to increase the cost for the rooms and the conference fee as follows:

Conference fee Early Bird     €165,00
Conference fee                       €200,00
Single room                           €350,00
Double room                          €300,00
4-bed room                             €240,00

Please wait for our information on room assignment, before making any payments and travel arrangements.

Registration starts on October 20$^\text{th}$, 2023.

Darmstädter Haus
Oberseitestr. 38 D- 87568 Hirschegg

Conference Chairman:

Prof. Yongtao Zhao, Xi'An University

Scientific Secretary:

Prof. Dieter H.H. Hoffmann, TU Darmstadt

Organizing Committee:

Prof. Vincent Bagnoud
Pascal Boller

Prof. Thomas Kühl
Diana Lang
Zsuzsanna Major
Paul Neumayer