Welcome to Superconductivity for Sustainable Energy Systems and Particle Accelerators Days

Sustainability and increasing the energy efficiency of technical systems is one of the outstanding opportunities provided by superconductivity. Especially recent developments in performance, manufacturing technologies and prices in the area of HTS superconductors generate a noticeable push for the serious consideration of new concepts and applications.

Superconductivity is a key technology for particle accelerators. New developments in this area will be able to advance the performance of future accelerator systems and will also play a major role in various applications with benefit for the society.

Large particle accelerator facility does have a high energy consumption. Thus, the advancement of technologies suitable for reducing energy consumption and consequently operation cost is a major task for our community.

Particle accelerators have always been drivers for innovation. They do not only drive innovations but are also lighthouse projects for implementation and validation of technical innovations very often in close collaboration with industry. There is a big potential for European research labs and European industry to apply new innovative concepts for enhanced sustainability and energy efficiency at accelerators and hence qualify them for future use in energy systems of public and private facilities.

The workshop is dedicated to enhance the communication between the particle accelerator community and the superconductivity industry and to present most recent developments in both areas. Needs for further improvement of key parameters and performance shall be exchanged. Studies and developments for increasing the energy efficiency of large accelerator facilities and for energy systems in the public sector will be presented.


Key words:

  • Applications of superconductivity in energy systems
  • Energy efficiency of accelerator components, including accelerator magnets
  • Minimization of heat load (e.g. @fast ramping, current leads, cavities..)
  • Energy efficient accelerator facilities
  • New superconductor technologies
  • Superconducting cables and energy transfer 
  • Energy efficient cryogenic systems
  • "Dual use of accelerator technologies" (for energy systems)
  • Increase of coolant temperature
  • Cooperation research and industrial policy (EU funding / HGF funding)
  • Connectus activities

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SB1.1.201 Lecture Hall & Side Room
GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH Planckstraße 1, 64291 Darmstadt, Germany
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