13-14 February 2023
Hotel Tobbaccon, Bensheim
Europe/Berlin timezone


Collection of Requirements:
One goal of the meeting is to review the requirements from the collaborations
  • for a potential engineering run 2023
    • identify critical aspects of the accelerator performance which are needed for successful experiments in 2024
  • the physics run in 2024
    • Here most important are the requirements towards the accelerator and the experimental infrastructure. Clearly, that has been specified in the proposals partially, but since a successful beam time in 2024 is important, it seems to be necessary to revise the necessary conditions carefully. This is in particular important since the resources at GSI are limited and priorisation of requests might be necessary.
  • requirements for running in 2028
    • FS+ (First Science+) should be taken as basis of the planning, i.e.
    • APPA experiments at the low energy rings (ESR and SIS18), at the caves at SIS18 and UNILAC; PHELIX; at SIS100 a limited set of experiment in the caves which are operational at that time
    • NUSTAR experiments at S-FRS at SIS100, plus SHE experiments at UNILAC and ILIMA at low energy rings in close collaboration with APPA
    • CBM at the new cave with SIS100 and HADES at SIS18
    • for PANDA a suitable program should be developed
  • Here the most important requests which should be specified
    • requests towards accelerators. Those should been specified already in the Operation Specifications of the FAIR accelerators, nevertheless, they should be summarized.
    • office and building requests (i.e. number of temporary work spaces)
    • laboratory and technical work space requirements (beyond the space available at FAIR)
    • mode of operation of the experiments (how many people will be on site, where, how much will be done remotely; what are the additional space requirements (beyond the space available at FAIR)
    • specify the qualifications and the time of hiring of additional personnel at GSI. Additional personnel can only be hired within the personnel numbers which have been specified in the contribution of research to the operating cost working group OCWG.
  • requirements for running in 2028
    • APPA needs on the GSI campus
    • BIOMAT running on the GSI campus and potentially at FAIR
    • HADES at SIS18 and CBM at SIS100
    • PANDA experimental program
Early Science
  • The NUSTAR collaboration was asked to provide a prioritized list on experiments, which could be performed with a SIS18 beam at the Super-FRS (in the Super-FRS, High energy Cave…)
  • Status of discussions should be presented
Plans and visions
  • There are some further ideas which go beyond the current scope of Early Science, First Science +, and even the IO or MSV. These ideas will be presented in two to three summary talks.




Hotel Tobbaccon, Bensheim
Hotel Tobbaccon Albert-Einstein-Allee 7 64625 Bensheim
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