Electromagnetic baryon form factors measurements at BES-III and BaBar

5 Sep 2012, 11:00


Dr Cristina Morales (Helmholtz Institute Mainz)


Electromagnetic form factors (EMFFs) are key ingredients to the understanding of the internal structure of composite particles like baryons, since they contain information about the spatial distributions of charge and current inside the particle. Thus, they are a physical and measurable manifestation of the nature of the baryon constituents and the dynamics that binds them together. Electromagnetic form factors can be measured in the space-like region in electron scattering experiments, and also in the time-like region through the creation or annihilation of baryon-antibaryon pairs. In this presentation, I will focus on the time-like region, where experiments like BABAR and more recently BES-III have access to unprecedented accuracy in the measurement of EMFF by means of the initial state radiation technique.

Primary author

Dr Cristina Morales (Helmholtz Institute Mainz)

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