AI STAR: Artificial Intelligence Symposium on Theory, Application & Research jointly organized by ESA/ESOC, FAIR/GSI & Merck.




Artificial Intelligence Symposium on Theory, Application and Research is a two-day virtual event featuring technical talks, networking opportunities and exciting project poster spaces in the fields of Research, Methods and Algorithms, Human Impact, and AI Application.

The Symposium brings together AI experts and enthusiasts from industry and academia to explore, connect, network and exchange ideas.

The Symposium is designed to

  • Identify concrete technological solutions addressing current and future needs in our organizations.
  • Connect the communities and enable interactions to lay the foundations for further collaborations.
  • Inspire and enable the public to learn about AI reseach and applications from experts.

Please visit the official SYMPOSIUM WEBSITE!


  • HUMAN IMPACT: Dependability, explainable & trustable AI, AI &Ethics

  • RESEARCH, METHODS AND ALGORITHMS: Knowledge-based systems, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Hybrid Modeling, Natural Language Processing, AI Tools & Platforms

  • AREA OF APPLICATIONS: Automation & Autonomy, Healthcare, Simulation/Digital Twin, Image Processing, Cybersecurity, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Knowledge Management, Data Science & Analytics


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