5-9 September 2011
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna
Europe/Vienna timezone
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Measurement of Pionic 121Sn Atom at RI Beam Factory

5 Sep 2011, 17:05
Theatersaal (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)


Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna

Sonnenfelsgasse 19 1010 Vienna Austria
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We are going to report preliminary experimental results in our recent pilot experiment performed in October 2010 for spectroscopy of pionic 121Sn atom in the RI beam factory, RIKEN. We have taken the excitation spectrum of the 122Sn(d,3He) reaction near the pion emission threshold. Presently, elaborate analysis is on-going and the preliminary spectrum observes a distinct structure of peaks in the bound state region, which is a candidate of the first observation of the pionic 121Sn atom.

Primary author



Dr Daisuke KAMEDA (RIKEN) Prof. Gerog P.A. BERG (University of Notre Dame) Prof. Hans GEISSEL (GSI) Prof. Helmut WEICK (GSI) Mr Hiroaki MATSUBARA (Osaka University) Dr Hiroyuki TAKEDA (RIKEN) Dr Ken SUZUKI (Stefan Meyer Institute for Subatomic Physics) Dr Kenjiro MIKI (The University of Tokyo) Mr Koichi TODOROKI (The University of Tokyo) Dr Koichi YOSHIDA (RIKEN) Dr Kyo TSUKADA (Tohoku University) Mr Masaki NAKAMURA (RIKEN) Dr Naohito INABE (RIKEN) Prof. Ryugo S. HAYANO (The University of Tokyo) Mr Satoshi ITOH (The University of Tokyo) Dr Shin'ichiro MICHIMASA (Osaka University) Dr Shinsuke OTA (The University of Tokyo) Mr Shoichiro KAWASE (The University of Tokyo) Mr Shumpei NOJI (The University of Tokyo) Mr Takahiro NISHI (The University of Tokyo) Prof. Tomohiro UESAKA (RIKEN) Dr Toshiyuki KUBO (RIKEN)

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