5-9 September 2011
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna
Europe/Vienna timezone
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Muonic hydrogen

5 Sep 2011, 16:35
Theatersaal (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)


Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna

Sonnenfelsgasse 19 1010 Vienna Austria
Oral Presentation Other exotic atoms and rare decays Exotic Atoms and Atomic Physics


Dr Randolf Pohl (Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik)


Our recent measurement of the Lamb shift (2S-2P energy splitting) in muonic hydrogen [1] has created a puzzle. The value of the proton rms charge radius we deduce, Rp = 0.84184(67) fm, is ten times more accurate, but 4% smaller than the values deduced from both hydrogen spectroscopy and elastic electron scattering. In addition, we have determined the 2S hyperfine splitting in muonic hydrogen from which the Zemach radius of the proton is determined. The Zemach radius is a measure for the magnetisation distribution inside the proton. [1] R. Pohl, A. Antognini, F. Nez et al. (CREMA collaboration), Nature 466, 213 (2010). [2] CREMA collaboration, in preparation.

Primary author

Dr Randolf Pohl (Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik)

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