5-9 September 2011
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna
Europe/Vienna timezone
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Strangeness production at finite temperature and baryon density in an effective relativistic mean field model

6 Sep 2011, 16:45
2h 5m
Aula (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)


Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna

Sonnenfelsgasse 19 1010 Vienna Austria
Poster Hadron Physics Poster Session


Andrea Lavagno (Politecnico di Torino(PT-DIFIS))


We study the strangeness production at finite temperature and density nuclear matter by means of an effective relativistic mean-field model with the inclusion of the full octet of baryons, the Delta-isobars degrees of freedom and the lightest pseudoscalar and vector mesons. These last particles are considered taking into account of an effective chemical potential and an effective mass depending on the self-consistent interaction between baryons. The analysis is performed by requiring the Gibbs conditions on the global conservation of baryon number, electric charge fraction and net strangeness. In this context, we study the influence of the kaon-nucleon interaction in the determination of the different meson ratios and in the strangeness production.

Primary author

Andrea Lavagno (Politecnico di Torino(PT-DIFIS))


Daniele Pigato (Politecnico di Torino) Felice Iazzi (Politecnico di Torino)

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