GSI-FAIR Colloquium

The Global Energy Transition: A Challenge for Research Centers

by Michael Düren (JLU Gießen)

Main Lecture Hall (GSI)

Main Lecture Hall


Will we drive a hydrogen fueled Toyota Mirai, an electric Tesla Cybertruck or do we keep our Mercedes Diesel for the years to come? The question of our future energy system affects us all and is much more complex than the choice of a car. It can be expected, that climate change and the degradation of our environment will have disruptive effects on our entire society in the coming years. It has become clear, that a fast and efficient energy transition is a prerequisite for our children’s and grandchildren’s future. In the last 10 years, all basic components and concepts for a successful energy transition have become technically available, however the financial, legal and political regulations do not fuel the transformation sufficiently. Changes in our society will also affect research centers and future taxpayers will challenge not only their high costs, but also their heavy consumption of resources and energy. In order to maintain a high level of acceptance in the European society, most European research centers have programs to improve the sustainability of their activities at many levels. The reduction of its own footprint can be expected from science, but beyond that, the scientific community can play a leading role in demonstrating best practices for the energy transition of the whole society. The lecture takes you on a short journey into a future without fossil pollution.