HADES Analysis Workshop 2017

chaired by Jochen Markert (GSI, Darmstadt)
from to (Europe/Berlin)
at GSI KBW ( lecture side room )
GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung   Planckstraße 1, 64291 Darmstadt
preliminary Program

I. hydra :
    setup the environment (ROOT+hydra)
    compile a program
    creating an own_lib
    hydra : introduction to the framework
    creating a simple hreconstructor
    running a simple loop with HRootSource
    using analysis parameters and the ORACLE webinterface

II.  working_with_dsts :
    Track reconstruction
    dst program
    looping data using hloop
    track sorting
    using zipped input files
III. working_with_hgeant :
    Data output format : HGeantKine + Geant Detector hits
    loop Geant Data to retrieve particles
    Acceptance for particles
    Configuration ini.dat
    Geant interactive usage

IV. working_with_batchfarm :
     SLURM HowTo and scripts
     Loop data
     UrQMD generator + converter
     pluto thermal source

V. data_analysis
    dst output format
    structuring an analysis program
    simulation vs experiment analysis
    Corrections: dEdx + efficiency

MATERIALS: all examples are located at /misc/hadesprojects/analysis_workshop/2017
                      and also available as zip file under below link to the materials
Participants Benedict Arnoldi-Meadows; Marten Becker; Amel Belounnas; Lukáš Chlad; Izabela Ciepal; Dominique Dittert; Jörg Förtsch; Robert Greifenhagen; Malgorzata Gumberidze; Mathilde Himmelreich; Romain holzmann; Huck Huck; Georgy Kornakov; Frederic Kornas; Semen Lebedev; Tariq Mahmoud; Krzysztof Nowakowski; Jan-Hendrik Otto; Krzysztof Piasecki; Pablo Rodriguez Ramos; Florian Seck; Simon Spies; Melanie Szala; Adrian Amatus Weber; Christian Wendisch
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