During the academic semesters the plasma physics department hosts seminars on Tuesday at 2:30 pm.
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Plasmaphysik Seminar

Application to radiative and Quantum electrodynamics effects in extreme-intensity laser-matter interaction

by Mathieu Lobet (CEA, DAM, DIF, Arpajon, France)

Seminarraum Theorie (GSI)

Seminarraum Theorie


In the coming years, many laser facilities like Apollon in Paris or the distributed European facility ELI will reach peak power at the 10-petawatt (PW) level, paving the way to more ambitious lasers in the 100-PW range like the Russian XCELS or French IZEST projects. They will open up a novel field of physics characterized by coupled ultra-relativistic plasma, radiative and electrodynamics (QED) effects including the nonlinear Compton emission of X and gamma photons, and their subsequent decay into electron-positron pairs. This presentation addresses the studies of different scenarii based on multi-dimensional particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations enriched with Monte Carlo QED processes. In the first part, a wire-target design will be presented optimized for the generation of collimated intense gamma-ray beams in the framework of Apollon. In a second part, we investigate the collision of a wakefield-driven GeV electron bunch with a counter-propagating high-intensity laser considered as the most promising experimental source of bright photon and antimatter sources. In the last part, we demonstrate the capability of next-generation multi-PW lasers to generate relativistic overdense pair plasma of interest for the study of electron-positron instabilities relevant for astrophysical scenarii.