HGS-HIRe Participant Council Meeting

Main Auditorium (GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy-Ion Research GmbH)

Main Auditorium

GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy-Ion Research GmbH

Planckstrasse 1, 64291 Darmstadt
Student Representative (GSI)
  1. Helmholtz-Juniors Election (2 representative from GSI Helmholtz Center) 
  2. Issues concerning students
  3. Next graduate days – ideas and survey
  4. Student Representative’s Corner on HGS-HIRe 
  5. A.o.b
Please take our survey for the feedback and suggestion for the next Graduate Days Event in 2015. http://goo.gl/forms/4Na2YvLKNa . You feedback is important!
Candidates for the election: (election will be done at the meeting via secret ballot)·    
  • Miss. Bai, Jiaoni (Goethe University)
  • Mr. Lizarazo, Cesar (TU Darmstadt)
  • Miss. Ullmann, Cathrina (Goethe University)
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PhD Students - WikiPage
Survey- link

The results of the Election:

Cathrina Ullmann 38% Votes yes
Jiaoni Bai 33 % Votes yes
Cesar Lizarazo 28 % Votes crying

Cathrina and Jiaoni will represent the HGS-HIRe and GSI for the next Annual Helmholtz-Juniors Meeting on 14-15 Jan 2015 at AWI Bremenhaven, Germany.
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