EMMI Rapid Reaction Task Force Kick-Off Meeting: Fluctuations and Correlations and QCD Phase Transition

from Monday, 11 February 2013 (09:00) to Tuesday, 12 February 2013 (18:00)
GSI, Darmstadt (KBW Lecture Hall)

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11 Feb 2013
12 Feb 2013
Session 1 - Peter Braun-Munzinger (GSI, EMMI, Darmstadt) (until 12:30) (KBW Lecture Hall)
09:00 Phases of nuclear matter - Wolfram Weise (ECT* Trento)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
09:30 New phases of QCD - Larry McLerran (BNL, RBRC and CCNU)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
09:55 Recent theoretical developments in the QCD phase diagram - Jochen Wambach (TU Darmstadt)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
10:20 --- Coffee Break ---
10:45 Chiral phase transition and freezeout - Christian Wetterich (Heidelberg University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
11:10 Effective gluon potential and Yang-Mills thermodynamics - Chihiro Sasaki (FIAS)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
11:35 Exploring the phase structure and dynamics of QCD - Jan Pawlowski (Heidelberg University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
12:00 On the relation between deconfinement and chiral phase transitions - Jens Braun (TU Darmstadt)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
Session 3 - Bengt Friman (GSI, Darmstadt) (until 12:25) (KBW Lecture Hall)
09:00 Hadron formation in relativistic nuclear collisions and the QCD phase diagram. - Marcus Bleicher (Frankfurt University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
09:25 Equilibration in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions - Carsten Greiner (Frankfurt University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
09:50 Thermalisation and turbulence - Jürgen Berges (Heidelberg University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
10:15 --- Coffee Break ---
10:45 Entropy production and thermalization - Andreas Schäfer (Regensburg University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
11:10 Quarkonium in LQCD - Olaf Kaczmarek (Bielefeld University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
11:35 Spectral functions at finite temperature - Anthony Francis (HIM)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
12:00 Modification of hadronic spectral functions under extreme conditions - Kenji Morita (Kyoto University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Session 2 - Johanna Stachel (Heidelberg University) (until 18:00) (KBW Lecture Hall)
14:00 QCD phase diagram in the Schwinger-Dyson approach - Christian Fischer (Giessen University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
14:25 EOS and hydrodynamic evolution in HIC - Pasi Huovienen (FIAS)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
14:50 Finite density QCD with overlap fermions - Sayantan Sharma (Bielefeld University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
15:15 Conserved charge fluctuations at zero and non-zero density from lattice QCD - Mathias Wagner (Bielefeld University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
15:40 --- Coffee Break ---
16:20 Quark number susceptibilities from resummed perturbation theory - Aleksi Vuorinen (Bielefeld University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
16:45 LGT and the CP - Owe Philipsen (Frankfurt University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
17:10 The complex Langevin simulations - Ion-Olimpiu Stamatescu (Heidelberg University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
17:35 Non-homogenous chiral condensates - Toru Kojo (Bielefeld University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
18:00 --- Dinner ---
12:25 --- Lunch ---
Session 4 - Frithjof Karsch (Bielefeld University) (until 17:00) (KBW Lecture Hall)
14:00 J/ψ and QCD phase boundary - Anton Andronic (GSI Darmstadt)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
14:25 Photon production in a thermalizing holographic plasma - Rudolf Baier (Bielefeld University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
14:50 Dilepton production in hot QCD medium - Hendrik van Hees (FIAS)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
15:15 --- Coffee Break ---
15:45 Fluctuations in hadronizing quark-gluon plasma - Laszlo Csernai (Bergen University)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
16:10 Charge fluctuations in transport models - Elena Bratkovskaya (FIAS)   (KBW Lecture Hall)
16:35 Fluctuations in the quark-meson model with isospin - Lorenz von Smekal (TU Darmstadt)   (KBW Lecture Hall)