2024 summer term

From correlation functions to glueballs

by Dr Markus Huber (JLU Gießen)

511 (Physics)



Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen Heinrich-Buff-Ring 16 35392 Gießen

he spectrum of quantum chromodynamics consists of different types of hadrons, the most prominent ones being mesons and baryons, which consist of two and three (anti-)quarks, respectively. In addition, there are other possibilities which are collectively called exotic hadrons. These include states consisting only of gluons, so-called glueballs. The determination of their properties is an active field of research both experimentally and theoretically. In this talk, I will introduce functional bound state equations as a theoretical tool to investigate such states and to understand the mechanisms behind their formation. Their applications range from model-driven investigations to first-principles calculations. As an example of the latter, I will present results for the spectrum of glueballs in pure gauge theory.

Organized by

Christian Fischer