Theory Seminar

Structure of single Λ-hypernuclei with Gogny-type Λ-nucleon forcesHYBRID

by Mr Nithish Kumar Covalam Vijayakumar (GSI)

KBW 2.017 (GSI)

KBW 2.017



Hypernuclei are bound systems made of neutrons, protons and one or more hyperons (baryons with strangeness content). Their investigation gives us an opportunity to study the baryon-baryon interactions from an enlarged perspective. One of the goals of hypernuclear physics is precisely to relate hypernuclear observables with the underlying bare hyperon-nucleon and hyperon-hyperon interactions. In this work, we have studied the structure of single Λ hypernuclei using a self consistent mean field method called Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov (HFB). Finite range Gogny type interactions were used in nucleon-nucleon (N − N) and hyperon-nucleon (Y − N) channels. We have incorporated a Gogny type hyperon-nucleon interaction into an existing mean field code HFBaxial which is already capable of using the Gogny force for nucleons. The unknown Λ −N Gogny parameters were obtained using the fitting protocol “Simulated Annealing method” (SAM) and the observable chosen for the fitting is the experimental 1s-shell Λ binding energy in various Λ hypernuclei. Using the best obtained Λ − N parameter sets, we have performed binding energy calculations of the other 1l (1p,1d,1f and 1g) Λ states in various hypernuclei. The predicted values were found to be in good agreement with the experimental data. In addition, we also calculate the root-mean-square radii of the ground state Λ orbital as well as global properties of hypernuclei.

[1] C.V. Nithish Kumar, L. M. Robledo and I. Vidaña, arxiv [2312.09648]

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